Infant Formula: Heycare

Heycare 1

Heycare 1 is an infant formula suitable from birth to the age of 6 months. It is an alternative when the breastfeeding is not available or It can be combined with the breastfeeding.

No artificial flavors or sucrose


Adapted to mixed feeding

Improves neurosensory and brain development

Stimulates intestinal flora development

Regulates intestinal transit

Strengthens the immune system

Enrichied with:



Our Value

  • Korea Quality

    Good Heycare is from expertise team – Production sites in Republic of Korea keep the quality.

  • Good Stuff

    Good Heycare is from good stuff - Raw material worldwide selected.

  • Whole Items Inspection

    Good Heycare is from strict inspection – Whole items inspection on each batch number and production date.